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Upgrade to energy efficient LED Lighting now.

Using our lighting as a service model, no upfront capital is required. Immediate and substantial savings on energy and maintenance costs can be achieved from the first day of implementation.  

Using our Laas Program, you can convert your property to energy-efficient LED lighting with no upfront cost.
Serious savings at Zero Upfront Cost.

What is Lighting as a Service (LaaS)?


For companies looking to increase efficiencies and boost the bottom line, Energy Partners offers a innovative solution that can reduce overall energy consumption and eliminate maintenance costs.

Lighting as a Service Program, referred to as LaaS, is an all-inclusive subscription that allows business owners the ability to install energy-efficient LED lighting with no upfront capital. One monthly service fee covers all costs including new high quality fixtures, maintenance and onsite repairs for the life of the program. 

The LaaS Program (Lighting as a Service) helps to create a reduction in energy usage and simultaneously eliminates maintenance costs by installing new LED lighting at no upfront capital to our customers. Because the Program is defined as a service agreement, it’s designated as an operating expense and not a capital expense. Cash-flow is positive day one compared to other traditional procurement methods and the energy savings help pay for the program. In many cases large savings are immediately visible on the bottom line.

How does Lighting as a Service (LaaS) work?


Lighting as a Service (Laas) is a innovative approach to converting your business to energy-efficient lighting technology without the complication of budget constraints. With the LaaS program, customers can implement turnkey LED lighting projects utilizing a subscription model that eliminates all upfront costs.


  • Energy Partners will install a new, energy-efficient LED lighting solution at no up-front capital cost.

  • Energy Partners will maintain the lighting system over the life of the service agreement.

  • The monthly payment remains fixed for the duration of the Program service agreement making forecasting and budgeting simple

How is Lighting as a Service (Laas) different than other procurement methods?

Loan or Lease Agreement

This reduces the initial expense of new lighting up front but it is still considered a capital expense. Besides the interest over the time of the loan, you're responsible for ongoing service and maintenance beyond the initial manufacturer's product warranty.

Lighting As A Service

Defined as a service agreement, it’s designated as an operating expense and not a capital expense.The lighting is provided to the clients specification on a service contract. The monthly service fee takes care of the full installation, maintenance and repairs if any over the period of the service agreement.

Capital Expenditure

This requires that the lighting is paid for upfront. You have complete ownership over the lighting system. Any future service or maintenance beyond the initial manufacturer's product warranty is up to you to take care of.

What are the benefits of Lighting as a Service?


All of the energy-efficient LED luminaires in a custom solution are included in the agreement and not a capital expenditure to the Customer.

Immediate Savings Day One

From the moment the lights turn on, the new lighting solution will significantly reduce costs associated with energy consumption and maintenance. That means the Customer is cash flow positive from implememntation.

Protection Against Technological Obsolescence

Energy Partners will install efficient and reliable LED lighting technology. At the end of the Agreement, if desired and agreeable to both parties, upgrades can be completed where necessary to continue the ongoing savings and the Program extended.

Zero Installation Costs

The entire turnkey installation in the Program is covered by the Agreement and is the obligation of Energy Partners. It will be installed with no negative impact to day-to-day operation costs.

Improved Business Productivity and Safety

With improved light levels and the elimination of maintenance, employees can be more productive by focusing on the task at hand and avoid hazards associated with poor visibility.

Project Management Through The Entire Process

Energy Partners is committed to seeing your lighting upgrade completed successfully and efficiently. With a single point of contact, installation will be completed efficiently and comply with all legislative and site specific requirements.

Zero Lighting Maintenance

For the Customer, all maintenance costs associated with the lighting is eliminated. Parts and labor remains the responsibility with Energy Partners under the Program Agreement.

Environmentally Friendly

With energy-efficient LED lighting, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and increase their focus on sustainability even more. LED technology can also indirectly benefit HVAC costs by reducing the heat previously generated by legacy lighting technology.

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